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Content is just the beginning. Google evaluates more than 200 different technical SEO components when determining how to rank a site and where in the search results, if anywhere, a site’s content will appear – no matter how good that content might be.

Can your website be crawled? Can the content be located and accessed? Can it be indexed? Even if you drive traffic, can your site’s architecture handle it? How fast do your pages load? Does Google know how often you post new content? Do page titles and descriptions comply with best practices? Is your site mobile-friendly? Is your website’s code free of errors?

The list of technical SEO components used by search to rank your site is long; and this list of parameters changes with each new search algorithm update. A website that stays up-to-date and optimized for technical SEO will have the advantage over its competitors.

Plus, when a search engine encounters issues with any of the technical aspects of your site, your pages may not only lose search equity, but your site may be heavily penalized as a result. Ensuring that your site’s technical SEO components are free of errors and issues is the best possible prevention.

How do you tell a good agency apart from a great agency?

Google Premier Partner Interview – May 2017

Antonio Castillo, Principal Marketing Technologist at New Example Internet Marketing, chats with Google Premier Partner Agency Manager Amy Gold. They discuss how a client’s first contact with the agency is an opportunity to tell good from great: how do they listen to your needs and what are the specializations they have to show?





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