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New Example Internet Marketing - Partners for SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Website Analytics
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Educate, Entrust, Enjoy.

What kind of internet marketing plan are you following? Is it just numbers and spreadsheets, or do you feel like you have a map? Does it help you climb mountains of data and discover who is visiting your website, so you can make decisions about what they need in order to be your next customer?

New Example builds campaigns that reach people – the travel enthusiasts, the foodies, the do-it-yourselfers. We can help you create the message that connects with your customer, wherever and whenever they are online. Put our marketing technology tactics to work for your business.

Our Services

Our strategies and services are uniquely designed to support you. We develop an authentic, dynamic partnership with your team – which helps your search engine marketing plan succeed.

Search Engine Optimization. Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management. Website Analytics Setup and Managment. Content Creation (Copywriting, Video, Image Creation) for Content Marketing.

We deliver comprehensive solutions for your B2B, B2C, lead generation, or eCommerce website. We can grow traffic for any platform, and especially know our way around WordPress and Magento websites the best.

How do you divide SEO / SEM services at New Example?

Google Premier Partner Interview – May 2017

Antonio Castillo, Principal Marketing Technologist at New Example Internet Marketing, chats with Google Premier Partner Account Manager Amy Gold. They discuss the approach that New Example has taken to make every team member an expert in SEO & PPC and avoid expertise siloing at the agency.


2017 Advertising Strategy Guide for Attorneys

Do you manage a law firm that specializes in criminal defense and uses AdWords to promote your legal services? If so, our Advertising Strategy Guide for Criminal Defense Attorneys is a must read.

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