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Search Engine Optimization from New Example
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Mobile-First Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your site. Increase your traffic.

New Example Client Review from a Medical Marijuana DispensaryNew Example and their team is absolutely incredible! Their wealth of knowledge and expertise has been instrumental in the exponential growth of our business.
-Medical Marijuana Dispensary Client

New Example’s Got Your Back

Whether you are launching a brand-new website, improving an existing site, or embarking on a full-blown site migration from one platform to another, New Example customizes our technical search engine optimization services to provide comprehensive solutions that fit the specific needs and goals of your business.


New Example Client Review from a Local Personal TrainerI would highly recommend this team if you’d like to strengthen your web presence professionally and purposefully!
-Local Personal Trainer Client


Did You Know The Search Landscape Is Changing Dramatically?

Driven by the fast-paced, significant increase in the use of mobile devices to purchase products, locate services, and research brands, Google is shifting toward a search index geared for mobile users, and is downgrading the ranking power of desktop sites.

Websites that are not fully optimized for mobile are predicted to become non-competitive in Google’s organic search results.

Delivering a high quality mobile experience that provides value and satisfies your target market’s search intention is imperative.


Am I Leaving Desktop Search Users Behind?

Rest easy! The process of optimizing a mobile site for search typically translates into a desktop site that is also better optimized for search.


So… What Does Mobile-First Mean?

It means serving lightning-fast landing pages with streamlined UX designed for touch interaction that enable visitors to your site to complete their desired tasks immediately.

It means creating rich, relevant content that engages your audience, answers their questions, and is easy to share across social media.

It means developing connections and community within your niche.

It means providing your site with maximum search ranking potential by implementing best practices across the board including key elements such as structured data mark-up, featured snippet formatting, and local search optimization.

And it means ensuring that the technical SEO elements of your site are operating at peak performance.


New Example Client Review from a Local Fitness CompanyWe are now optimized better than ever and saw a big increase in our traffic and inquiries almost immediately.
-Local Fitness Company Client


Content Is Just The Beginning Of Search Engine Optimization

Google evaluates more than 200 different technical SEO components when determining how to rank a site and where in the search results, if anywhere, a site’s content will appear – no matter how good that content might be.

Plus, when a search engine encounters issues with any of the technical aspects of your site, your pages may not only lose search equity, but your site may be heavily penalized as a result. Ensuring that your site’s technical SEO components are free of errors and issues is the best possible prevention.

Can your website be crawled? Can the content be located and accessed? Can it be indexed? Even if you drive traffic, can your site’s architecture handle it? How fast do your pages load? Does Google know how often you post new content? Do page titles and descriptions comply with best practices? Is your UX mobile-friendly? Is your website’s code free of errors?

A website that stays up-to-date and optimized for technical SEO will have the advantage over its competitors.


Our Toolbox Is Your Toolbox

Using proven SEO strategies that meet, and exceed, the search engine industry’s current best practices, New Example’s team of expert technical SEO gurus dive deep into how your site is optimized for search.


New Example Review from a Local Interor Design BusinessWhether you are a small business or a larger more established company, the New Example team creates a package that is perfect for your needs!
-Local Interior Design Business Client

With a toolbox that includes multi-level SEO audits, code reviews, site architecture assessments, data analysis, and more, we analyze a full array of critical components to identify issues and uncover comprehensive optimization opportunities across three main categories that impact your mobile website rankings – User Experience, Site Performance, and Search Engine Readiness.


We Are Your Technical SEO Experts

We take the stress out of search engine optimization.

New Example is dedicated to helping clients of all shapes and sizes promote and grow their online business – from small start-ups and nonprofit organizations to Global 500 companies and everyone in between.

New Example gets to know you… your business, your goals and vision, your market, your competitors, your website. Then our SEO experts work with you to create and implement seamless search engine optimization strategies and solutions that are custom-tailored to be the perfect fit for your brand.


New Example Client Review from a Childhood Education Multi-Brand Ecommerce SiteNew Example has a well-versed, professional, and incredibly experienced team that goes the extra mile to develop solutions that gave us the edge we were looking for.
-Childhood Education Multi-Brand Ecommerce Site Client


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