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Case Study:
Upgrade Needed for Criminal Defense Attorney AdWords Campaign

Before a law firm in Fort Myers, Florida specializing in criminal defense partnered with New Example Internet Marketing, they managed their AdWords campaigns in-house. The firm’s personnel split time between their demanding criminal defense case work and their demanding AdWords campaigns. Help from a Google Premier Partner was needed when they found themselves in the middle of a historically busy time of year, but phone calls for DUI defense, probation violation, and other services were lower than they have ever been that year. The law firm was flummoxed by the rising cost to keep their campaigns running, a 65% increase over the previous year, but with no gains in new business to justify the higher cost.

The Digital Advertising Problems to Solve

When New Example received their call they outlined three problems the firm needed help solving:

  • Evaluate the high cost per conversion on the account. Does the cost to capture a lead need to be this high or are there tactics they can use to reach new clients at a lower cost?
  • Improve user engagement with their ads, specifically in four key service areas. Increase the total impression share their ads capture when competing with other law firms and increase click-through-rate for their campaigns if possible.
  • Help salvage the historically busiest quarter of the year. AdWords has always been a big channel for new client acquisition and they needed to turn it back into the stream of new cases it once delivered.

New Example’s Strategy to Solve the Problem

This law firm was New Example’s first client in the legal field, so we relied on the data our Google Premier Partner Development Manager provided about benchmarks for the industry. We gathered and analyzed competitive reports to see if the client’s account was:

  • Keeping pace with the shifting preference of users to be on a mobile device and if it was capturing a proportionate share of that audience.
  • Meeting or exceeding the average industry click-through-rate for the ads.
  • Spending more for ad interactions than the average cost-per-click for Florida’s legal field. If so, is this cost justifiable?

Our Google Premier Partner Development Manager helped us connect the dots by delivering a report inclusive of just data for the State of Florida. Our client is a Florida law firm and only conducts business within (2) counties in Florida, so we examined how well the campaigns historically performed against similar businesses across the state. New Example also lead three discovery meetings with our client – we knew if we wanted to help them we had to understand their culture. We wanted to make sure we knew how to communicate their strengths, and grasped what turned prospective clients into retaining clients after the lead is delivered. Following this process we reached these conclusions:

  • The campaigns were capturing a higher than average proportion of mobile users, but the quality of traffic was very poor. The old client-managed keyword list needed fine tuning, specifically the addition of negative keywords to reduce irrelevant search impressions. The Search Term Report in AdWords revealed that searches for local government offices triggered keywords in the account – people who needed directions to a detention facility sometimes clicked on ads for our client. These unrelated search queries were consuming all of the daily budget. To remedy this problem New Example immediately expanded the negative keyword list from 41 negative keywords to 870.
  • Conversion tracking in the account had gone offline earlier in the year, but the client had no idea that an update to the website disabled it. Seizing on an opportunity to upgrade their campaign tracking, New Example installed new conversion scripts that tracked phone calls from ads, phone calls from the website, and website contact form leads. We helped the client move to Google Tag Manager to manage the website’s conversion and analytics scripts. We also linked the AdWords account to the client’s Google Analytics and Search Console profiles so we could analyze campaign performance for metrics such as website bounce rate and organic search listings.

The Clients’ Results.

The account changes implemented by New Example resulted in a new, comprehensive understanding of how the law firm’s prospective clients search for legal services. We could now pinpoint the day of the week and time of day people are most likely to search for a DUI attorney, which allowed us to increase their bid at the precise time needed to stay above other law firms in the search results.

After six months of working together, the results have been astounding.

  • The average cost per conversion went from $394 to $91.
  • The average conversion rate went from 8% to 22%.
  • The mobile click-through-rate (CTR) rate went from 3.2%, of predominantly bad traffic, to a 4.7% CTR of highly valuable traffic, surpassing the industry average of 3.3%.

The Future

In the first month of working together, New Example helped our client dig into the details of their AdWords campaign. We helped the law firm uncover new insights into customer behavior and realize there is a story about their clients underneath the data, a story that can help them win new business.

Using AdWords, the client started paying attention to what their customer cares about and wants to know based on their searches for legal services – and then made a plan to reach out to them. Utilizing the demographic and geographic targeting tools built into AdWords, the client honed their message to speak directly to people in their area, everyday people like the female office manager, 5-miles away, who is dealing with a criminal charge for the first time in her life.

Our client saw the opportunities a mobile-first campaign strategy can deliver to their bottom line. Learning that most of their users engage with their ads on a mobile device, they wasted no time building a mobile-friendly website that has helped New Example Internet Marketing push their performance metrics to even greater heights.

16% of all Google searches are brand new everyday.

Is your law firm ready for a better digital advertising strategy?

We hope this case study about advertising strategies for law firms was helpful. If you have any questions you can always give us a call – our consultations are free. A New Example marketing technologist is ready to review our methodologies with you.

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